Who we are

Bewater Agency is born out of the close relation its two founders have with the fashion world and with models in particular.

It has been them who have encouraged us to venture into this project, trusting us in helping them with their careers.

BW is not another traditional model agency. With a firm belief that recent stereotypes are not only wrong in their representation of our world, but are harmful to our society, it is our desire to picture real people.

Social Responsability

We have created a Social Responsibility department. We don´t believe in excluding “different” people from the advertising world. Be it a physical, mental, sensory or intellectual disability of our models we will always try for our clients to count on them for their projects.

This social integration will help making these people visible, which the advertising world has ignored up until now, thus creating an image much closer to our society´s reality.


Bewater Agency has been years in the making. BW is made up of image professionals with many years of experience, not only in the fashion world, but in many aspects of the audiovisual world.

Joa Rubio, cofounder of BW, has been working as a fashion photographer with different agencies, models and prestigious national brands since 2004. He also possesses wide experience in casting sessions and event coordination.

Speaking about Coco M.G, cofounder of BW, is the same as speaking of EFA, Integral design and photography services and photography school. Event coordination, TV production, exhibition director, cultural advisor for various institutions, graphic production and advertising as well as curator. Fashion photographer and teacher since 1992, not only in photography but also in model training, including behavior in front of the camera, expression and posing.

We offer the following production services:

  • Lighting equipment rental as well as photo and video cameras. All sorts of accessories.
  • Makeup artists, hairstylists, photographers, production assistants, photo and video assistants and drivers.
  • Location finding, always with the audiovisual perspective in mind.
  • Accommodation and transport.
  • Catering.
  • Casting.
  • Image post production, digital processing and printing.

Location scouting

We would like to point out that BW not only offers this standard service as the market demands but, thanks to the experience of its members, it represents added value, providing optimal locations for our customer´s needs.

Through the scouting process, our client will get a pretty accurate picture of what the final shoot will look like, what equipment to bring for each shot, lighting needs, lenses, etc.

BW will provide advice and schedules so as to make the most out of each location´s light owing to its position, thus helping with session planning and saving precious time.