How to go to a casting.


At a casting, you have only one chance to prove your skills and knowledge. Next, you will find some advice that will help your confidence and get the job:

  • The call. Prior to recieving the message in wich your agency informs you about the casting, they have already done an intense labour so that everything developets as it should: the conexion with the client, the details of the budget, employment conditions, etc. This way the model is only worried about doing a good job. Never should the model contact the clients or organizers of the casting; that must be done by the agency.

Caution! If you get some missed call from your agency, return it at soon as possible.

  • All the information is well recieve. Never quit doing courses, assistence to conferences, surfing the Internet… everything wich you can learn from.
  • About the client. As in your first meeting with the agency, you must know about the company or the clients the casting is representing. That will give you solid ground for a conversation and therefore more field to cover.
  • Appearance. It is undisputeddly true that the first impression is what counts in a casting but you shouldn’t forget that what is value is your attitude and personality. Also there are some details you have to take care of:
    • Make up. A subtle make up and some mascara should be enough to attend to a casting. The client wants to see the model in her natural aspect. Extra make up will be added during the shooting or the parade.
    • Attire. Simple means better. A white shirt with skinny jeans will make you look gorgeous and project your great naturality.
      Avoid use bright colors; they will steal your aura.
    • Personal care. If you want to have a successful casting, you should take care of details like a clean manicure, depilated skin and fresh hair. Don’t forget that besides your attitude, your physical is your tool of work.
  • The casting. The appointed day arrives, and with him, the nerves. It’s important to be calm, to perform the pertinent meals complete and balanced, and above all to count on an extra time for the assistance to the casting. Jams, unforeseen events or mistakes can delay you for your appointment. That extra time will allow you to locate the place accurately, meet the other candidates, or concentrate for your test. You have to trust yourself, show your personality and project your attitude.


Important! Watch out going out the night before…!

  • And now what? Once you’ve done the casting, it’s time to wait. Don’t be surprised if you don’t get the verdict instantly: remember that they have a lot of profiles, which they have to contrast and value. Whether you are choosen or not, you should not give up; It will take many castings to find the succesful. Keep working and training … “Rome was not made in a day”.

If you are asked for the telephone number in the casting, “to contact you in case of being chosen”, do not forget to give the agency number. Remember they are whom represents and protects you. It would not be the first time that a photographer or client tries to evade that part of the process to save costs.

To give one’s all!