Your cover letter for a fashion agency


It’s important to give a positive first impression in the work of world. Whether by letter, email or telephone, you have to show your professionalism. Here it is some advices to do it right.

  1. About the agency. Find out and gather information of it. In this way, you will be able to have an interesting conversation about her beginnings or her achievements.
  1. Written communication. Take care of your spelling, pay special attention to the writing and tell briefly how is your experience as a model, actor or actress. Avoid to speak too much and making the text too long.

  1. Personal information. Give them all the information they should need to contact you. Attach your birth date, your social networks profiles and do not forget to write your body measurements (height, weight, bust, waist, legs, hips, dress size and footwear).

  1. Extra information. You can talk about your hobbies and your skills for reward your profile, like sports you do or instruments you play

  1. Your photographs. Send current photos at “jpg”. These can be done by professionals or taken by a mobile phone. Do not forget to take them on a flat- bottom. Be yourself, be natural. Not to much makeup, no flashy colors, props, glasses, jewelry or something that sends the attention away from you. 

  1. Number of photographs. Send two photos of your face, one of your whole body and one of your profile. You can include some photos on swimwear or on tight clothing.

  1. Track your request. You have to know agencies receive lots of requests, so you must wait to be them who contact you (if they think your profile is appropriate). They will be the the intermediary between you and the client, so trust them and be patient.  

  1. Under age. If you don’t have 18 th yet, ask your parents before contacting the agency.